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AI Apps Development

From the onset of gaining access to prominent Large Language Models like GPT-4

we have been enthusiastic about the future and its endless possibilities.

Choose AI

Choose Artificial Intelligence development to make the precise decision and re-engineer the way your business works.

We possess extensive experience in utilizing AI on a daily basis and in implementing systems that operate with AI under the hood.

Two people using smart business cards generated by AI

Personal AI Assistant

We crafted a web application integrating with the OpenAI Embedding API, utilizing Pinecone Vector Database and Postgres SQL to enable dynamic context. This setup facilitated predefined actions and smooth interactions with external services.

The project employed OpenAI's GPT-4, alongside LangChain technology and Pinecone and Qdrant vector databases, demonstrating our capability to harmonize cutting-edge technologies for enhanced user engagement.

Discovery Phase Process

  1. An initial call with the client, our UX Specialist, and UX writer to gather as much information as possible and understand the vision

  2. Working on an interactive prototype in Figma.

  3. Going through rounds of feedback and implementation.


A clickable, interactive Figma prototype that sets the stage for the design phase, allowing us to provide accurate estimations for the development phase

Development Phase Process

  1. Starting with the design, using the well-defined flow from the Figma prototype.

  2. Working in 2-week sprints.

  3. Holding update calls either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on preferences, to present the current progress and discuss it.

What You Get

Dedicated Team

A full-time, scaleable team of trusted developers.

Proactive Developers

Developers are given perks to help them learn, grow and stay healthy.

Flexible Contract

Flexible contracts with simple monthly billing.

Account Manager

Dedicated account manager, available any time.

How we work

  • Keep clients informed but not over-communicate and take things off their plate

  • Dedicated account manager as a single point of contact

  • Post-Development support and collaboration

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