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  • Providing development resources

  • Project management

  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress
  • Sketch
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3

Ongoing Partner Collaboration

Vooba is a transparent digital marketing agency in Sussex, UK with a Passion for Digital. They have clients all over the UK and Europe and offer digital solutions for all your design and marketing needs.


Tony Humberstone

Tony Humberstone

Managing Director


Our client had been on a lookout for a strong technical partner with a proven track record developing highly customized WordPress websites.

We came into the picture with our robust development process, fresh energy, and high UI/UX skillsets to support and benefit Vooba’s large base of small business customers.


  • Provide WordPress/Ecommerce development based on custom design

  • Support B2B customers with technical queries during and after the development process

  • On-going support and collaboration

Our Process

We started off by integrating both companies’ processes and teams, which after nearly 6 months resulted in automating the management and WordPress development process.


  • 6+

    months of an ongoing partnership

  • 5+

    projects delivery on-time

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