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  • Custom Application Development

  • Project management

  • 5 people team

  • 3rd party API Integration

  • CRM Development

  • JavaScript
  • Typescript
  • React JS
  • HTML 5
  • Twillo

Creating a custom-designed Patient CRM

Total Care Primary Care is a medical company that helps people start their own healthcare clinics. They offer a full package for new clinics, including medical knowledge, clinic design, and even their own brand. Their mission is to make healthcare more patient-friendly by using a team of trained doctors and smart tech.


"Working with Emersoft is a smooth ride - proactive and straight-talking. Just what we needed"

Robert Sek

CEO and Founder of Total Primary Care


The client's rapidly growing business was hindered by their existing CRM, which offered limited customer support and extra costly features.

To take control of the situation, they decided to build a tailored CRM software aligned to their unique needs.


  • To design and develop a custom-built CRM platform.

  • To create an intuitive interface for franchise clients

  • To reduce expenses on unnecessary features and improve overall system performance

  • To provide a reliable CRM platform with superior customer support for quick troubleshooting and resolutions

Our Process

Starting with a thorough understanding of the current CRM usage, we planned out what a basic, but fully functional, product would look like. Our development process used two-week 'sprints' where we made regular updates and improvements

We held weekly meetings to answer questions and add any new features the client requested. This process was flexible and responsive, ensuring a well-tailored, end-product.


  • 60%

    Reduction in training hours

  • 80%

    Faster patient data retrieval

  • 5

    months to deliver the MVP

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