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  • Providing development resources

  • Project management

  • 6 people team

  • JavaScript
  • Typescript
  • InVision
  • Angular
  • HTML 5

Ongoing Partner Collaboration

LightSpeed VT is the most advanced interactive training system on Earth that helps companies, trainers, professional speakers, and entrepreneurial subject matter experts to maximize their training effectiveness, automate accountability, reduce costs and in many cases drive new revenue.

The platform is used by such names and businesses as Ashley Furniture, UFC, Top Chef, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, and many more...


"They are the secret weapon and the best assets in the world!"

Brad Lea

CEO LightSpeed VT


Having been in the business for almost 20 years, the client had many legacy modules that were outdated and in some cases not supported by the latest browsers.

They hired us to help scale their growing remote team, refresh existing components, and develop the new, state-of-art, user-friendly platform that is compatible with the mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.


  • Transform legacy parts of the training application into the latest, cutting-edge technology

  • Provide User Interface (UI) projects development based on custom design

  • On-going support and collaboration

Our Process

Right from the beginning, we established a weekly meeting with stakeholders and key employees that would allow the demonstration of progress of work and accountability.

Over a period of 12 months, we have been scaling the team gradually as we have been discovering the client’s short and long term needs.


  • 12+

    months of ongoing partnership

  • 7+

    projects delivery on-time

  • 2,000,000

    unique users

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