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How A New Branded & User Experience- Optimized Website Helps Beard & Bowler Turn Potential Into Paying Clients

Beard & Bowler are New Jersey-based, master story-tellers specialized in non-profit storytelling & video production services. Their mission is to spark change, forge bonds, and elicit hope using professional, emotion-laden videos that speak from the(ir) heart to the heart of an audience.


Beard & Bowler

Beard & Bowler

Brand Owner


The client needed a website that would help them make a great first impression on prospective clients and that would be more consistent with their branding. From the technical perspective, the goal was to improve the user interface so the website loads faster and works well on mobile. The client also wanted to make their website SEO-optimized.

Last but not least, Beard & Bowler needed a page where potential clients could use email opt-in feature to receive their “secret sauce storytelling formula” (a video presentation showcasing their skills and brand)

Our Process

We first had a discovery call to establish what the client needed. Then we sent a proposal and got the agreement to kick-off. After starting the design process, we showed it to the client for approval on a number of Zoom calls. Once we got a green light, we started the development work and delivered on time and budget. Our collaboration was 100% online.


The client got a brand new website that’s faster, SEO-optimized and easier to navigate while remaining on-line with their branding. Visitors now enjoy a premium-feel, user-friendly layout. With a new website that better conveys the value of their brand & services, Beard & Bowler reports more contacts and inquiries from potential clients.

We also set up client’s email on Google Suite and Google Analytics Dashboard which helped make their daily business activities quicker and hassle-free.

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